Saturday, December 16, 2006

Other People's Bad News

You know, when I want to cheer myself up and laugh, I look for bad news and embarrassing moments. Not like really bad news, like someone has gotten cancer or a horrible disease. Funny, light bad news is what I am looking for. Corporate bad news is even better. Embarrassing moments are the best, and I will need to list some of mine one day. We all have them, and if we are smart, we know to laugh at ourselves. Course, it's way funnier if it happened to someone else . Best not to read this if you go to a high school in Wheaton, IL. Boy, really bad news for anyone who had this dressing on their salad. For my husband, who works in the mortgage business this is bad news. Good news though for buyers, I am pretty sure it is a buyers' market out there:) Software, spam, adware et, don't we all hate this???? I love when corporations need to bleed their blood, money!! Embarrassing moments, espeically when they are not yours, are funny. For those of us who feel old, and others that have the photographic evidence to prove it. For those of us that cry at things like....commercials, like my husband does.

Embarrassing one's kids must be fun. Funny online embarrassment. Love the text message to 2500 employees that they are fired. Classic, and becoming a bit too the norm these days. Imagine if you didn't know what a vibrator was and whether it might make the perfect Christmas gift for an office worker. Well, to some it might .

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