Thursday, December 14, 2006

Controlling & Passive Aggressive Father Blog Search

Actually some funny stuff found below on family estrangement, passive aggressive, controlling parents (fathers in particular) and dysfunctional families. I assume there is a part 2 somewhere. Interesting story about another daughter's controlling father. I can sympathize. Post of a woman with childhood and current family issues. Interesting are the comments made to her. Many people get so angry at this personal stuff being out there on the web. Just don't read it if you don't like it. Other people like me find comfort in communicating with people having ongoing problems who are posting truthfully about them. I wonder what the commentor's issues are. Yikes!! I found this very typical of feelings I had about my family. The not belonging, the coldness. I still feel it to this day, and fight it. Christmas ideas for the passive aggressive shopper LOL. Family estrangement members take note LOL!!! Pretty funny ideas. Analysis of a song as passive aggressive LOL. Love this. Ah yes, the passive aggressive shopper with kid. Excellent post on handling dysfunctional family gatherings and members!! Very funny. I have used the "drink a lot" one myself on many a Christmas Eve LOL. Or Thanksgiving, or Father's Day or Mother's day. et al


dangerblond said...

Thank you! That is the same woman-hating guy who keeps posting comments under several names. In a former life I probably would have married him and wondered what I was doing wrong!

dangerblond said...

OMG your mother is a piece of work. Just enough psychotherapy to be totally self-consumed. You can always tell that someone is delusional when they think no one can understand what they're going through except for major celebrities like Angelina Jolie.