Friday, December 22, 2006

What is Wrong With People Blog Search (Thirteen) 11 adopted children kept in chicken wire cages. Now, I kid people that the difference between having dogs and children is that it is legal to crate dogs. Who would have thought there were actually people out there doing this? I dunno, I am a product of the 60s, 70s and 80s. Perhaps I am too liberal or too well versed in the "free love" generation. Am I the only one who thinks same sex couples are no big deal? This is a children's book. You don't HAVE to buy it. It's just banned from "school" shelves so I guess it's nothing to have a cow over or anything. The reality is that this is some children's living situation, so it might be nice if there were children's books about it. Also kids friends might have that living situation. It's just people loving people. I do think there are worse things to be worrying about. Course I don't have kids, and am not finding myself in an awkard question moment. Evidence against alleged criminal lodged in head. Alleged criminal fights removal of bullet. Interesting predicament involving ones right to refuse medical treatment. Wow, imagine this was your kid that did this and came forward. What were these college kids possibly thinking? And from the article, I am not sure they as much "came forward" as were identified. Father not allowed to sign for his daughters. Oh yes, I was wondering what had happened to this case. He took off once, and I for one and glad he has been denied bail. Basically a Scott Peterson like case. These (alleged wife/child murderer) guys are the scariest as they get along in regular society for so long. Santa tried to kidnap someone's 8 year old daughter. The dad chased down "Santa's" motorcycle. This has to be every parent's worst nightmare come true. I am glad for the happy ending in this case. Remember Elizabeth Smart. She was kidnapped in 2002, but someone spotted the "homeless" man who had taken her. She was returned, and now the kidnapper has just been declared unfit to stand trial. Violent crime higher in 2005 and 2006. Yeah funding cuts have NOTHING to do with this. Course not. Getting old just sucks. This poor guy just wants to take care of his wife, but (probably due to his age) is unable to care for her properly himself. He abducted her from a nursing home. In danger of being sentenced for life. I have heard that things like cough syrup and nyquil can cause toddlers and infants deaths. Course, the public has often been wrong when faced with a teary eyed mother. And just when I thought I couldn't find 13 today. Here we go, downloading child pornography.
***How disturbed am I that it's just this easy to find really horrible crime stories out there on what people do to people. That's why it's always a relief to find there are good people in the world. Those good deeds always go unreported. Perhaps a harder search to do for the Christmas Season is in store for me.

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Pam said...

I generally try to stay away from people. My husband is a people person; he feels energized when he is out meeting and talking to people. I just feel drained.

It is stories like what you posted the affirm my tendencies to like animals more than people! LOL