Friday, December 01, 2006

For Those Certain Family Members

As long as you have crawled out from under your rock to look me up, rather than talking to me face to face (which could be done by the simple respecting of my boundaries), let me tell you some things about yourself. Shall I?

My husband said "I am sure this person isn't doing it maliciously." Bullshit, you are creeping in to take a peek at my personal life. One that you know I don't want you to be involved in. While I did take certain steps to mask all of our names, I realize now that an unforunate use of a feature made it apparent who I was. And now I see you have visited my other blogs.

I don't know what you are looking for? Acceptance of your apology? It took six months of you making me miserable for an apology to even come on 4/2006 for 10/2005 when this first started. Even in your apology you claim not to have done anything deliberately. Bullshit!! You just thought you would get away with it YET AGAIN. When I didn't roll over, well then you got desperate. After all, who will you call for favors when I am not there to come running like the naive person that I have been for the last 20 years????

Forgiveness. Nope not that either. Especially for someone to have the audacity to say it was "like dealing with your mother" because I was angry with you that these events occurred. How dare I be angry with you? Did you read the controlling parent list? One of the features is disallowing emotions on another's part. Nevermind, how you have argued with me over what MY feelings over the divorce were about? How would you know better than me what my feelings are and have been for the last 20 years? You don't. But then that's another feature of the controlling parent, not allowing own opinions or beliefs. Yeah, that's you, dad.

That this has been so "blown out of proportion". Are you Fing kidding me? Someone in my family is dying, and suddenly we need to be concerned about you realizing I am mad at you, and the fact that BF won't be able to sell my house? Not to mention your bitch of a wife telling not only me but my husband that I have been conspiring to end your marriage for the last 18 years.

No, I don't need to talk to you about this, I just need for you to disengage from my life. Once and for all. I thank you for not corresponding when you moved. It's been great not hearing from you. Between the guilt trips and excuses for your actions, it's way too sickening. I know it must be a huge shock to realize it isn't going to work this time. You know, that's when you finally wanted to talk about us. I remember on the phone your silence when I was clear, I was not going to put up with this anymore. I said something like "you and Betty Ann can't keep expecting I will continue to forgive you for mistreating me". That was way before the communication stopped. I let you know my anger, and your Fing response was "why I never knew that" the reason why you kept on me. I was Fing telling you then, and as usual you weren't listening and were more concerned for yourself than your daughter and son-in-law going through a major tragedy in their lives.

No, I wish I could forgive, but I can't. It is heinous what you both have done. It makes me sick. I don't think I could respect you as a person ever again, never mind that bitch you are married to.

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