Saturday, December 30, 2006

Typepad vs Blogger

1) Like that on typepad I can post future posts, and they don't post until the date thats assigned to them. No matter what date you assign on blogger, it's posted and seen right away.

2) I don't like typepads management view for seeing "viewers" because if you cross reference that with a properly configured sitemeter widget, you will see that the info is not acurrate. Which reminds me, I figured out why I thought no one was referencing my other typepad blog, the sitemeter widget was not configed properly . I loaded it too many times, then deleted the ones that were configured correctly, leaving on the uncorrectly configured sitemeter.

3) I like bloggers spell checker better.

4) I like typepad's image loader better.

5) Widgets are easier to find on typepad and easier to load.

6) Blogger is free.

7) You can get a boatload of space on typead for 150.00 a year, plus easy to do as many blogs as you like, and friendly and geared towards business.

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