Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Time Management/Writing Every Day

I have at least 3 blogs out there for me. There is this blog that I call my whiny, complainy, life sucks blog (which it really does not for me); then there is my business blog, then there is my "happy me" blog. This blog is where I get all the pussy stuff out:) Then there comes those times where the puss is all gone for the moment. What to write about then? Why write at all?

Well, I will tell you why. It's a great exercise for me first of all. In my professional life working for someone else, I was always driven because....well....there was stuff that needed to be done. The consequences for not doing it were imminent and would affect many people besides myself. Working for myself, although there will be consequences for not getting off my ever loving butt, they are not that imminent or clear. I have that "aroundtuit" thing. Procrastination is very bad for me. That's why I always needed a job where the work just never stopped, even if you worked 80 hours. That's why I always worked great under pressure because procrastination meant disaster for sure.

So my artistic side always wants to wait for "that mood" to strike. You know. And my family just doesn't manage to piss me off every day . Though I am sure in the future, and even though I don't talk to them, they will find a way. They are very good like that. Sure, they are limited in their venues now, but never discount their creativity or knowledge of my buttons.

So that is why I am torturing myself on my whiny complainy blog today. I will be sure to come up with more creative stuff later. Going to really have to think about it.
I do have a cold. Nausea, sinuses backing up, achey.... That's about the best else I can do. I would go blog fishing, but my patience level doesn't seem up to it. Time for some tea and Tombraider Legends in bed.

Thanks to my visitors for their kind words of support!! Shoot, which reminds me, I don't often watch DR 90210. Good episode today (new or repeat I dunno) where the main Dr guy is trying to decide whether to visit his dad, who left their family 20 years prior and never showed any interest, in Brazil before he dies. I thought it was interesting that there were many similar feelings even though this guy is successful, loved by his family (talking wife, kids, friends), and seems, in general, to have a good life. He wants to measure up to something his dad wants to see. I wondered why does he do this to himself? If this guy was some stranger who left his family and didn't express interest for 20 years, who would care what he thought about anyone? It's a common feeling in these cases though.

Also on today (is it a dysfunctional family holiday of some sort?) was a "Tales From the Darkside" about a mother who only saw her daughter as her trophies, accomplishments, dresses, as she was in grammer school. In fact, she conjured up a seperate daughter that would never change and would just be those things forever. Can't remember the title of it now. Weird how these were both on today.

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crse said...

Its weird because i dont really talk about this stuff on my blog..well no reason, i just dont. People dont get it mostly and its weird for me because my friends who read it worry and then you know how it goes. Your blog is becoming therapeutic for me whether you write about your sucky family (with all due respect) or not! I was totally thinking about you on Sunday when my step-monster pulled a triple header of nastiness that i couldnt even shame her about. Then my brother (who should be a poster child for really bad ideas...) tells me he has been questioning whether we did the right thing by cutting mom out of our lives. I had to remind him AGAIN that we didnt cut her out, she cut us out and we arent doing anything this time. I think its destiny i found your blog, not only because of all this but I just got my first dog two weeks ago! Im glad you write. Thanks for being here.