Saturday, December 16, 2006

Now That I Am Pulling Out of My Funk, What to Include Here

So now, I am feeling quite over my pre-holiday temper tantrum. Trying to figure out what to write about on this blog. My "dark side" blog that is my secret identity. I think I will just start complaining about all the injustices in the world. Maybe come up with some solutions. I did have an epiphany today regarding the death penalty. But that is for later. For now:

Just got off the phone with one of my cousins. Conversation went like this:

M=ME C=Cousin

M: Hey, how are you doing.

C: I am fine. What are you doing right now?
M: Oh, we were just shopping for a Tube TV.

C: What's a Tube TV?
M: Like the colored TVs we grew up with. You know, they aren't flat paneled and are cheap these days. One of ours just went out. I feel like an old timer "hey sonny, can you find me one of those there tube tvs." I remember before I moved out we only had black & white tvs and no cable at our house. Not that those weren't available then.

C: Yeah, we are getting old huh?

M: Speak for yourself!!

C: So hey, what are you guys doing for Christmas Eve. (by now everyone is aware we won't be at Dad/BF's house)

M: Walk the dogs, spend some time on the beach, watch Christmas specials.

C: Oh, (pitying tone) that sounds nice, um, relaxing right>

Now, first of all, it is relaxing (the beach NOT the family gathering). I don't remember her loving the "holiday" gathering so much. It goes like this. BF complains about not wanting to do it every year (and yet she wants no one else to do it. She hates that it's not a Jewish holiday). Then the day comes and if you don't eat fast enough or follow her schedule, you get the "look". Now granted, now that I know about the fun party game (scavenger hunt that I found in one of my blog searches) we could have built in for this, it would probably be more enjoyable. I remember one year where the cleaning company was there, and BF was ordering them about and not being nice in general (on Xmas Eve). Those maids were saying within hearing distance (mind you and I don't blame them) "Don't let that fucking bitch ruin your holiday". Now it never appeared to me that BF heard them, but I don't know how you could not. I almost peed in my pants when I went to the corner to stiffle the giggles threatening to come forth.
So, um, yeah, it's going to be an enjoyable Christmas Eve. I can see my cousins on other days.
The rest of the conversation was something like this. See parts of my family feel they are "deeply" religious. So you have to watch what you say. I forgot for a moment and said "God Dammit". Shocked gasp followed. Now this from someone I know did commit one of the ten deadly sins, even if they don't know that I know it. I think saying "God Dammit" can go without comment from this "religous" cousin. I hate hypocrasy!! This cousin is a good person, but come on!! Don't preach to me!

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