Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Some Gems from My step

About twenty years ago when I moved in with my dad and step for, um, two months, here are some of the gems that went on:

1. Although I wrapped my tampons and napkins up, it was way too disturbing to everyone's sensibilities and I could not throw away my femine products in their home. I had to sneak these outside to my car, and then find a place outside the home to throw them away.

2. BF really wanted me to clean the toilets by sticking my hands in without gloves. She was very insistent that I try it without gloves. Um, why?

3. There was the actual day I moved in to BF standing at the top of the stairs screaming "you are letting that bitch into my house". By the way, the house she is referring to was purchased by my dad, and is the one I grew up in. It was a pleasant greeting. So the first night in the house was ggggrrrreeeeeaaattt.

4. When I walked out two months later, Josh (my stepbrother) told me she only moved back due to financial considerations. This is what she actually told him.

5. She has never apologized for waking me out of a sound sleep and slapping me.

6. I was not allowed to spend any alone time with my dad. If I was with my dad, Betty Ann was to be there.

7. She laughed with glee when her dog peed on my clothes.

8. She wiped my cashmere sweater with her hand coated in blue detergent. There was an actual hand print on it her size. She said when I washed it in clear woolite (which only showed up after it dried in blue apparently) that must have done it. Um, in the shape of a handprint.

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