Friday, December 01, 2006

Yeeks, found out how certain family found my blog

You know there is this service on technorati where you can claim your blog. The great thing about this service is that your blogs come up under the categories you want so that you can converse with other people.

What I didn't realize is it doesn't use the alias you assign, it gives both your user name (of which it was myname in small caps) and your "real" name if you are foolish enough to give it.

So if anyone searched for blogs in technorati, my name was right there. Combined with the story attached, probably a pretty good guess for the family that was me. Now before, I switched my whole blog over to another name et et. I just don't have time for that with over 88 posts now configured the way that I want.

Besides, this is not new info, although my anger level is probably more apparent than I would like . Saw someone looking at my blog from Shrewsbury, and figured out that dad has moved to his new condo. Oh, and also he did in fact retire this summer. More time with BF, wow wouldn't be my first choice. But then again, they have a lot in common to share, albeit not what I would want to share with my spouse.

So be careful of all those nifty things that you can use to link and promote your sites or blogs . You may just be letting on more than you would like to. I have fixed it now, but I am sure it's going to take a few months to get all those old posts off. Sigh.

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