Saturday, December 16, 2006

Postsecrets-I can't think of one, does that mean I am boring?

I love postsecrets. I have some secrets. Well, technically my husband would know about every single little one. Then some other people, in addition, may know about some others. The ones between me and my husband are ours and private.

Still, one would think, there would be some other fun secret out there. I really want to send one in, and I have wracked my brain. Nothing!! Oh, there is boring shit that I could send in like "I really wish you weren't my dad." Or "remember when I said you could live with us when you got old, and I joked that you would be in the cellar. Well, I wasn't joking, and you can't live with us period."

I don't know, that just doesn't feel so fullfilling. Not so fun either. I kind of want a fun secret. You know, something that makes me not feel old or bitter. I have been trying to spice my life up a bit lately. Maybe something like "Remember the crabapple tree in your back yard? We did it there right out in the open!!" Course, now that you know one of my secrets, I will have to kill you.

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