Sunday, December 24, 2006

Christmas Eve Day

Haven't decided completely just what to write today. I have some ideas, but I don't know that I want to waste them on this day. I am just trying to be disciplined at this point and write every day. Not even necessarily for this blog, but so I will carry tat discipline into other parts of my life that are becoming are should have always been very important.

I am an all or nothing person. I swing wildly one way or the other, and in the process either get a lot done and burn out or procrastinate ridiculously. It's one of those New Year's resolutions. I don't think I have ever effectively kept a News Year's resolution.

It's like this morning. I have spend much time lying in bed, debating with myself, be a lazy bones here next to my dogs and not write because it's "Christmas Eve" (I mean every day could be a lazy get nothing done day to me) or continue on with the discipline I have given myself. You know my first argument was that the world is not going to end if I don't write. And that's true, but I am just still here in my comfortable bed near my warm dogs writing instead of not writing. How hard is that for God's sake? In the event I actually get so busy and there are money making or save the world kind of things to do, I can let my guard down.

That's just it though, if I don't watch out at some point it will become ridiculous. I am way addictive or OCD about things LOL. But is that going to be so bad if I can get to an exercise regime, business regime, and house cleaning regime that runs.

I mean, I spent like ten hours yesterday organizing and cleaning. I am much better to sticking to a week or two week schedule for tackling the house, but I know darn well if I just had a schedule with an hour each day doing it (or two) it would be way easier on me. I mean yesterday's cleaning just would not end. That's because I wait and wait, and then I have to tackle every aspect of it at once. For instance, I got the master bedroom done yesterday for that ten hours. But that started with grooming the dogs, because let's face it, all that loose hair is just going to build up in a couple of hours if you don't. You might as well do their nails too because if you wait until it's clean, no matter how careful you are, those flying nail chips just get everywhere. So that takes an hour to an hour and a half to do all three. I should just pick a beginning point each week.

So then I usually dust (a step my husband would just ignore) but the whole closet situation has been getting to me. I decide to move and reorganize my husband's closet, so he can take care of his, and I can just close the door and ignore it if I want. Mind set is that this will in fact save me time in the future if I don't want to deal. That of course ends up taking about five hours, and also ends up involving other closets, purging, and size organization. A project of just doing this one day would have made yesterday much more endless.

So I guess what I am saying, is that I need to get more disciplined in every aspect of my life. Instead of letting "have tos" dictate and get me stressed, I need to help myself out. Especially in my getting fit and business life. So this blog, while also being therapeutic for me, also ends up helping in those aspects of my life.

I had a legacy thing that I was going to write today, but I found it a little sad to deal with on Christmas Eve. Hopefully I remember this topic for when these happy holiday days pass. So that's the break I am giving myself this Christmas Eve. Not a bad compromise. Now for the other disaster area of the house today. The family room. Yuck!!

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