Wednesday, December 20, 2006

My Solution to the Death Penalty Problem

Probably a lot of people aren't going to like me for this. For those individuals with the appropriate crimes and who have done them beyond a reasonable doubt (so we also need to assume that our legal system works much better than it in fact does) I am not against the death penalty. I am pretty much for humane death in these circumstances. I will admit to, however, not feeling so charitable when hearing about certain crimes and those criminals. However, basically condoning another prisoner doing things to that person that we wouldn't like him to do in polite society, that's really not the answer either, as much fun as it might be to think about for some of the human (or inhuman) scum that litter our planet.

Then it came to me. Since apparently electric chairs can light one's head on fire if not maintained correctly, and lethal injections can take a bit longer than anticipated (I had a hard time feeling sorry for the injectee when I read this story, but did feel sorry for his family) when done incorrectly, why not let that inmate choose and carry out their own death? Morphine, heroine overdose, sleeping pills and liquor, et et. Seems it would cut down on the overhead prison costs too. I don't know, late at night drinking wine and pondering the situation, it seemed a plausible solution.

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crse said...

can i just say? It always kills me (no pun intended) how they save inmates after suicide attempts just to execute them...