Thursday, December 28, 2006

New Years Resolutions/Other Blogs Listed Below

And, just so you know, no that is not me but a yahoo image that I found. I am sure this has been photo shopped . Talking about loosing weight, so there is my chubby girl photo. Baby's got back, and while I don't have that back, I do have more "back" than I would like.

Due to my priorities this year, and my new year's resolutions, I may not be posting to this blog on a daily basis any way. I will therefore post links to my other blogs, in case anyone is interested, and as I have been in contact with some really cool people on this blog. Interesting thing is though, my other blogs (and I am not saying I've been good at keeping them updated) have received almost no attention. Now this could be for several reasons 1) lack of updating 2) blogger might have exceeded tools that I have on type pad 3) I may not understand blogger promotion and tools yet 4) nobody may be interested in happy news and 5) I haven't dug deep enough into my "happy" self to make it interesting. Any way, I would like my other blogs (especially my business blog) to receive at least as much attention. So in order to do that, I need to start making that my priority, and update this blog only after certain other tasks have been done.

So here are my New Year's resolutions by prioirity:

1) Business promotion (including website and blog, as well as outside marketing).
2) Business contracts and pricing updated. Includes liability and insurance updating.
3) Loose weight and get healthy (put this third as my business needs to continue being a support of the family). But perhaps should be one or parrell to 1-3 above.
4) Training Jackie for obedience trials next year. Stop procrastinating on this and develop actual plan.
5) Schedule days so that things to get behind, and make me stressed out when a flood of work comes in or the unexpected and can not be planned for happen.
6) No matter how tempting, do not visit, my estranged mother's blog!!!

LOL, darn this blog service let's you see that I have cheated by posting tomorrow's blog today. On typepad, it hides this fact for you.

My other blogs: Although I have not posted here since October 8th, this is the priority along with my dogs web logs. This is my business blog, and unfortunately takes some plan (or should now) take some planning to post to categorize. Tips and articles for dog owners and novice trainers. On this weblog, starting tomorrow, you will be able to follow my actual progress bringing a dog to competition level. Not that I have done this yet LOL. And Jack is "special" in that he has a fair collection of "issues" to be dealt with. In fact, he wasn't going to be my dog at all, he was a foster that I wanted to train during a "slow" period when I first moved here. An adopter was not found in six months, and I had gotten attached to the funny bunny. We call him Wacky Jacky or Jacky Jingle Joy. He's extremely hyper, has a real fear of humans, and deals with that by trying to bolt. Not exactly what you would pick to do obedience competition. But my pick for this "Leon" is injured, and I don't want four dogs, so Jack it is. Plus, he should be a real good challenge. If I could bring Jack through competition, I should be able to bring just about any stable dog through competition. Plus he loves the attention. This will be posted every day. Although, this is called a "training" blog, my dog Leon has suffered an Anterior Cruciate Ligament injury (ACL) and right now his progress is being tracked to be sure we are following the treatment that makes sense. We are hoping to avoid a TPLO surgery, but I won't allow Leon to be lame for the rest of his life. It seems we are making progress without the surgery, but this blog right now is tracking whether that really is correct or not. My next priority is my Jazzabelle's blog. She is 14 years old, and while I hope it's not so, we probably only have so much time left with her. She's left senior and gone onto geriatric. She is in better shape than most dogs her age, and can still make the boys run for the hills. I want to be sure to capture all I can of her activities for my future enjoyment and reminiscing. She is our only girl and our very first dog. Anyone who has a senior dog, or wants to prepare will want to follow along. I try to write this blog as if (or maybe she is) Boo (aka Jazz) is actually writing it herself. I don't know that this will be updated every day either, but it is an important blog to me because it compiles many cherished days and memories.

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