Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas/Patience as Another Tool for Success

One area that I have had an extra amount of patience is dog training. Thing is, you just aren't going to be successful without it. It takes time and work, and there is no short cut around that. Also, illness and injury will hamper you, and there is no getting around that either. Time and understanding (ie patience) are things that are crucial to the career that I have chosen.

Not so in my previous career in accounting management, as you can put in all sorts of crazy hours and speed things up. A dog is only going to be able to take so much a day, whether they are a high drive working dog or not. At some point, you need to recognize when the progress has stopped, or you are impeding progress by burning out your dog. Also if you are burned out as the trainer, you are not helping anyone. Same thing with the owner, a burned out and frustrated owner is going to fail in bringing their dog along. Other factors go into it too like age, drive, behavioral problems, individualism, motivation, effective reinforcements, and health.

So with my dog Leon, his whole training program has just needed to be put on hold to see what he realistically needs physically. He has a fairly nasty knee injury. So my point is, in this one aspect of my life, I have understood the need for patience. I am not always perfect at it for sure, but it's just something that naturally comes to me in this one instance.

In every other part of my life, I want results right now. I want to be able to work 24 hours, and magically everything is done for the next two months. Whether it's weight, my health, cleaning, bill paying (I am actually on top of that more than most, especially with my previous career and technology), finances, and investing. I have no patience for these things. Combine that with the fact that I have a hard time sticking to a schedule.

It's important to stick to a schedule by the way, so when something happens, you have some leeway if you ended it. Like I didn't do a couple things yesterday, and today (of course) Leon has a stomach bug or something. He's actually throwing up right now. So I need to be in the moment today, ready to put everything down to take care of him. Which I am happy to do, but because I don't use patience and I indulge procrastination of myself, it puts me more behind on a day I have been (previously) holding for my procrastinated projects. First priority is always to take care of living beings in my care (husband and animals LOL). Poor Leon really is feeling not well today, undoubtedly will have to break out the pink stuff. That's always a battle.

So like today I was going to wake up at 6am and get a whole bunch of stuff done. But as life would have it, I was up all night with Leon bringing him back and forth to outside and cleaning up some throw up inside all night long. Thanks to hubby, I did manage to get some sleep between 9 and 12 this morning.

I also need to be patient with myself, because if I swing wildly one way, I will completely undermine myself. Going to try to do some trial runs before the next year starting......let's see when I can procrastinate this too LOL!!!!

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