Friday, December 15, 2006

What Gets Me Through All These Times

The Federal Trade Building was bombed when I was 25. I thought that was the worst thing I would ever see.

When I was 34-35, 9/11 hit and the World Trade Center went down. I was sure that now that would be the worst thing I ever saw (including the aftermath and war).

Around this time about two years ago, the Tsunami hit. Now I hope that was the worst thing I would ever know about.

Those things made me change some things about my life, and one of the most important changes was my career. Being a controller was not my childhood dream. Numbers and finances are just something that I happen to be good at. I never aspired to be part of a large corporation. With the corruption (Enron, Worldcomm, and don't think it doesn't happen in almost every corporation) the job became even more unbearable being in my position. You need to choose to either help people break the law, or have those people out for you every day as you do your job. Not so fullfilling. Especially when the Vice President calls you on the day that a large layoff is happening, someone came to work with a gun, and he wants to be sure that his corporate Lincoln Town Car is exactly hundred dollars more than his rivals.

That wasn't even my last bad corporate job. Besides saying enough to certain family members, the other thing I changed is becoming my own boss working with beings that I love, dogs and their owners. Here is my client, Roxy, enjoying a walk on the beach with me.

Life is good.

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